Baby Booties

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Those little tiny feet... those little piggy's, little crocked at the start but ouh they are so sweet..


Baby booties are great presesnt for fresh Mammy and the fresh baby. They would keep those tiny feet warm whatever is the season and they are inexpensive, small and easy to take with you.

When I was in hospital with my first child, I was in for four nights. There was so many visitors and so many presents, flowers. So it really got overwhelming by the time we were set to go home... I think my partner walked up and down to the car for three times before he could collect me and our newborn.

When I had my second I said to everyone to not come to the hospital.. As yes I understand everyone wants to meet this new mini person and it is soooo exciting, but I really wanted to rest and have my baby high in piece.

When I got home and out and about I picked up a fab baby first shoes pattern book to crochet and it dawned to me that this would be perfect to any size baby to give as a present. I had to figure out how to make them more secure on feet, so they won't get tangled in toes or kicked off the feet on kick off match. 

There is many many different types to pick and make. 

Check out my shop for few examples! 


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