#1dress10decade: my first full collection

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My first full ten piece bespoke dress collection... That is my great success..

Yes it hasn't launched yet, but the achievement.. you know that buzzing feeling?

Two years ago I met Doric, very buzzing-energetic stylist at work, who convinced me that I NEED to take part of fashion show with my knits. I had just found I was pregnant with my son and more less still hibernating stage. I was reluctant to take part but she did her grate salesman pitch and made me believe that this is it...

Little I knew then that it will get me hooked!!

I absolutely loved it, and today I can present you the full collection. It launches on 28th of August, Sunday week at 3am.

So what's new about this collection..

First all materials are from charity shops or hand-me-downs. Few bits of trims or zips, just small materials have been bought but rest is from shops. So it's totally environment friendly collection.

Another interesting thing about it is where the name comes. #1dress10decades...

That means its one and same classic dress pattern used to go through total 110 years of different styles. everything what you expect to see from '20s is worked with that pattern, fabric and styled it to accordingly. Or 1950's dress... or '60s.. etc etc.

My personal favourite... 1930s dress! That baby blue with pockets!!! I love it! I WILL wear it in coming days... I just need right shoes..

Huge thank you to Niall Corgrove from Niall Corgroves Professional Services, you have never failed me! Fantastic work, and I mean thank you for putting up with me!

Tiffany! My model! You are my star! I have seen you blooming and I know you have great future ahead as model and make up artist! x x x

Enjoy the gallery, and chat you soon!




 Clotichilda and clotchilidis - 1910s 

I dont have you yet, but soon x

Claudia - 1920

Caelia and Bibiana1930's


Cornelia - 1940's

Clara - 1950's

Chloe - 1960's

Clementia - 1970's 

Caecilia - 1980's


Cleopatra - 2010's

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