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When I created my AA 2017 collection I really wanted something easy to wear. Hats can be very bulky and warm, specially in Irish weather. Also I wanted to have something what is easy to put into your handbag, or would suit to any age, from teenagers to Fashionable grandmothers.

I got this beautifully soft and naturally warm alpaca and merino wool mix. I also love so much lately to knit in lace and it was absolutely natural for me to have some tyoe of vintage lace worked into the headband.

The result was absolutely satisfying on my point of view. And as my pattern testers have come back to me, so for them. So the pattern was drafted and put up on sale in my own online shop, etsy and Raverly.

knitted lace headband pattern    knitted headband lace pattern blog

Images courtesy pattern tester and designer: Loreto Redmond

The pattern is meant for intermediate knitters, but absolutely perfect to anyone who would love to gain from beginner to intermediate. It is simple lace what is absolutely easy to follow, has a chart and also instructions. 

Chart abbreviations:

abbrevation chart for knitting chart

image courtesy knitting and crochet blogger via

The full pattern is in repeat and can be made as long or small as necessary. Also you can use any aran or worsted weight wool. The gauge of this item is 17 rows to 17 stitches. But when I decided to make larger headband I upped my knitting needles from 5.5mm to 6mm and it worked as a treat.

Knitting abbreviations:

Knitting appervation chart by jjknooking page

image courtesy by

One thing as a knitting teacher I find that knitting same old thing can be very boring and easy to give up on learner knitter. Knitting takes time and patience. So some quick easy knits like this, what shouldn't take longer than day, would really boost your confidence and give you more interest to take on bigger and more challenging project in future. 

BUt if you still feel that, nope, I love the headband but I can make it to work, then do check out my online shop. There is few still on sale! 

I will also add here the video of how to knit the lace part, as small guide. At the end of the day I want you to succeed and share the love of knitting!

Video tutorial:


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