Autumn Winter 2016/17 -- night before the launch..

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So I am excited! its understatement how excited I am... 

This is sucha huge step for me. Its 19 pieces all bond together to match and work with each other. 

I have so much put in it and I can see I could do more!

Creating a piece is like making love... you improve it always, it always needs some work but more you make the better you get! Look there is even saying.. Let's make love, not war! 

I'm far from being hippy, I rarely have the courage for that. I wish that I would be that brave to cut off all the comfort of new world but I'm not... Maybe that's what I need to build! 

Make it more and build my guidance and confidence..

So that's alright, lets see what do we have in books for tomorrow. My personal favourite piece is Berengaria necklace.

I plan to make it as well in black and bronze color but I do think it could look absolutely fab in red... Thoughts!

I also love love Blandina set

I love the colour and flower combination. You will see me rocking one around, definetly!

I do like them all, I guess I just drawn to green this season coming could be something to do with my health if I like to turn my more natural instinct on, because for healing green suppouse to help. Thats according to the Feng Shui.

I really want to thank My great friend Nele from Nele Uska Photography

and our make up and hair artist Grainne

and of course my most beautiful and stunning model Airike Monaghan from Baby Body Fit Galway!!! She was not sure why I wanted her to be my model, but she is more than I expected. So if you are new mammy or expecting one sign up with one of her classes and you could look as fresh and radiant as her!

I want to thank my kids and my partner, my mum, dad, brothers and sister and my friends to cheer me on. Big kiss to you all as I wouldn't done without you!

So that's it! It is going live on 3 am in Dublin time, there is only very few and VERY limited stock, so get shopping!

Chat you soon!

Ann Petrov


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