Confession of knitterholic: My Craft room is an epic MESS!

Posted by Ann Petrov on

As is everyones I would say.. 

At least I can say I have spear room for it, and Thank god for thta. I use to live in small two bedroom cottage and now my craft room only is twice the size of my sitting room in the cottage. I had bits EVERYWHERE..

Now you would think, that because I have craft room you wouldn't even know there is maker living here..

Well you do! Because there is still balls of wool everywhere, knitting needles, crochet hooks... Buttons! I mean seriously they are everywhere! And as bad to step on as it would be lego.

My craft room seems to be as well my kids favourite place to play, so they are notorious to bring stuff out and "loose" them around the house.. Yes So great!

Because we only moved I put it down as I HAVE NO STORAGE! Well now I do, but it still is all over the place..

Wool! How much wool can one person have... Probably NOT ENOUGH! As I have around 400 balls of wool I still don't seem to be able to find that exactly right colour of wool.. My knitting needles and yarn threaders are always missing around the house and another day I realised that all my measuring tapes have disappeared as well.

Tell me I am not the only one!

chat you soon!



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