FAQ: Why is handmade products so expensive?

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Handmade products are expensive. People love the trade and the products because lot of the time they are not just beautiful, they are bespoke items what are man-made and have no other exactly like that.

I get that question a lot, and it is quite normal for people to guess why? What is about it that it makes it so much more special?

I will tell you why!

1.) It is designer made! Yes, you could follow a pattern what someone else has done, but if I try to sell something I always put myself in it! So I would not copy someone else. There is so many different basic patterns, but every designer/crafter WILL add something what makes it their own. 

Like these beautiful pixel jewellry


2.) Another huge factor is the time.. to create something bespoke and unique, it takes lot of time. You would love these cross stitched coasters for your kitchen, but you think "Ou my! Not with that price!"


But think like this, one of the coasters would take about 4-6 hours to stitch.. only person who would really love what she does, would put that much effort into it to.To follow the pattern and finish it. Plus another two hours to stitch them together, and then water proof them and then really making sure that they are perfect looking for you. If we take out the product price from the retail price, there would be less than €2 per hour for work it has put into it.

3.) There is no other exactly the same! I mean, what are the chances that knitted hat or crochet flower what are made by hand, will look exactly the same? Yes, if it is made by machine, there is computers making sure it will be like that. But for me personally I like to think that every piece will be unique. So I make it little bit different each time..

I will bring example to you from one of my fellow crafter


Not only does she make personalised gifts in frame but also patchwork quilts, cushions, tea cozy's etc and what are the chance that there is two exactly same kind. But every piece has been made for you and for your order. She has taken her time to put it together for your needs, picked the colours, decorations, trims and waved them together for you. 

So yes it is like making magic! I like to call my knitting needles as my magic wands. And it is not surprise to anyone, who visits our house, to see my daughter walking around with one needle what has star clued to the top and calling "bebedy-babedy-boom!"

I hope you enjoyed this!

Chat you soon!



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