FAQ: Why knitting?

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Well.. Why not?

Knitting is just not way to spend time, but it has its healing powers.

Knitting history is bit hazy, no one really knows where did it came from, as there is no tales about it in ancient times. They have been thought to come from North Africa in type of form, but there is no reliable proof.

As well hand knitting has been more as leisure from 1500's as 1586 was first knitting machine invented and then on it was not necessary to knit by hand anymore.

So yes, why is knitting so good. Well..

1.) it relieves stress and anxiety.

I can honestly say that knitting has saved my life. Not before I got pregnant with my daughter five years ago, I was depressed. Seriously depressed... There was huge battle for me to get out of the bed in the mornings, I DID NOT want to. I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. So I can't even remember how, but I started to knit and I haven't stopped. 

It is proven by medical experts that same movement with two hands for prolonged time, it makes the mind to relax and eases every bit of anxiety. It is like meditation. You are clearing your mind and focusing on one task instead of making your brain go wild in every direction. By sitting down and concentrating into same exact movement with your hands, your heart rate drops and blood pressure lowers.

2.) it improves your memory and motoring skills

Yes, I get hardly any of my knitting done these days, because as soon as I have sat down and knit few rows, I remember something I needed to get done. And being a busy mum of two... I really need this.. I can forget to brush my hair on some days, so paying a bill would be as simple task to forget as any. 

But because knitting uses both sides of your brain and from front to back, it really uses it all. Its proven as well that in older people it helps them to be more focused and keep their memories. No wonder granny loves it. Also it is shown great results with people with Parkinson to keep their shakes in bay.

3.) the third, and most important is that it really connects people. 

There is always group of people knitting or having knitting classes/groups where they gather to share patterns/books, wool and ideas. My mother-in-law few years back woke up one morning and realised that she was in the empty house. Three of her sons were all working abroad and as her daughter, who was still in the country, but she was busy working mum of three and is living two hours drive away. So she got really depressed. She was crying from loneliness, from living in the country farm, and yes she knew all her neighbours for years, but how many times you can go to one house for tea?!? 

So that Christmas, she was over at her daughters. We were all worried about her, Only age of 64 and looked like fading away. She called over to my house to get wool for her granddaughter and I showed where my stash was. Few hours later, she was still there... and that's how it went. She borrowed few balls of wool and pattern book.. Few month later she has joined local senior club in her area and she had something happening every evening. I must say her social life was better than any ours and we were 30 years younger. 

So yes! Why not? Pick it up and you must say "I have no patience for this", well you know my patience is thin as well.. But Knitting comes to me like eating peanuts, you just have to knit another round...

Hope it gave you an answer!

Chat you soon!



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