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Every crafter knows that as soon as summer is over and kids are more less back in school, it's time to start to prepare for Christmas... yes, Christmas.

To be truly honest with you, I have started with my Christmas card in January.. They are cross stitch ones and take quite a time to do it, so yes, I am the crazy-Christmas-lady.

So as crafter myself I went into pinterest to see what could I do for this christmas for fairs and markets, and Pinterest is full of fantastic Ideas. I thought I would bring few cool ones to your attention and see what you think. I have also pinned them to my pinterest board so you can check it out anytime you like.

1.) Christmas tree table runner

I love this! It catch my eye when i was strolling down on the feed. It is simple enough and you could use the scraps of the fabrics, and that makes it very much for me!

2.) Abstract christmas tree cross stitch

I love this one! It would look absolutely fantastic on the christmas card!

3.) Pine Cone crafts!!!

older my daughter gets then more she wants to take part on what I do, and I do cherish it as much as possible... specially those threading teenager years ahead when I will be just weird and lame.. ou yeah! Don't be waiting for that. When she was younger we would do salt dough ornaments and that is exactly what I still be doing with her and her brother who is 22 month this christmas as it is perfect for both of them for this year too, but she does need something more exciting too. So walk in the park and to collect some pine cones it will be. This page has some really challenging but then same time some easy but super cute ideas. Definitely must do this Christmas!

4.) Knitted ornaments

I love these ones! They look fantastic and I'm sure to try them this year! it will be easy knit as long as you know what are you doing and you could use again recyled wool out of your old jumper. Must try!

5.) DIY santa cookie plate

Last year we just moved house three weeks before christmas and our new home was more less dumping site, specially rooms what were not set up yet. After christmas our santa plate got badly damaged and was dumped out... lot of tears from my daughters side. So I was rooting for good easy (and something what she mite do as well ) diy solution. I have porcelain paint and you can buy them online, not too expensive! So this Mama Say What plate fits perfectly in!


So that is my family christmas plans, let me know what are yours.

All the pins are pinned up in my pinterest board under Christmas pins

Chat you soon!



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  • I like it when folks get together and share ideas. Great blog, stick with it!

    Amy on

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