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So Yes, this spooky time is so near.. and my daughter really really loves this season.

BUt because it is as well my dads 75th birthday this year we are going to go to Estonia to celebrate, So we won't be here for trick and treat and the rest of fun.

To kind make it up for her I decided that we still going to decorate out house and I am going to make few cute stuff for sale in the shop. 

So what's ahead.. I went into pinterest and seen some great ideas there, I will share them with you.

1.) Trash bag spiderwebs

Very clever idea, mite not be that much of environment friendly but nothing else in Wet Wild West of Ireland probably wouldn't last longer than four days. 

2.) Upsycled Halloween Lumineres

I have loads of class jars from every type of yoghurt, cocnut oil, jam, peanut butter etc etc... waiting to be taken to bottlebank. So I thought to soak them and then spray paint them and then get creative. While we are gone I can leave in electric tealights so my windows still will look rather spooky from outside.. maybe few of my cats will show glowing eyes on the window as well.. spooky!

3.) Halloween wreath

I love dressing up my front door. You can nearly always see there some flowers or statues or signs hanging on the door. The first impression to walk up to the house is very important to me. So hanging a wreath has to be right. Thinking of this one as you could pick up foam circle from craft shop for as cheap as €6 and some old black and orange bedsheets from charity shop for €2 each.Maybe need to be sprayed or dyed to add the extra zoom for colour but its easy, neat and cheap. Add some extra spiders, net, maybe skulls and voila! 

So thats what I am this halloween, getting rather excited no myself, mite go and see can I find some cool outfits to do now for myself and kids.. Leave me a comment below to show whats in books for you in this halloween!

Chat you soon!



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