How to crochet easy Blue Poppy flowers?

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This simple crocheted flower is one of the basic crochet flower. It's come small and very quick makes. Naturally in two colours: heart in yellow and rest in purples or blues, it makes beautiful flower to decorate baby clothes, cushions, teddybears.

As also known as 'Blue Poppy', it is originally from Himalayas but widely common in europe. The flower is known to its ability to adjust itself and if necessary hybrid with other plants to survive. It is also called Welsh Poppy and is considered as weed. It is hard to grow from seed but in wild they seems to have great success on cultivating. Meconopsis comes in variety of colours of blue but also white, orange, red and purples.

Blue poppy crochet flower tutorial

For making these flowers I would recommend good quality merino or cotton wool. Virgin wool also would give nice strong petal.


  • DK wool or good quality 4ply wool
  • 3mm Crochet hook if DK wool
  • small scissors and darning needle


Row 1: Chain (ch) 6 and join with slip stitch (ss) to first ch to form a ring

Row 2: ch 1, counts as first single crochet (sc) and made 9 sc into the ring, ss to the first ch. Fasten off here if you are using two colours.

Row 3: With second colour, start with sc into sc on row below, any of them, *ch 4, make double triple crochet cluster into next sc space, ch 4 and make sc into next sc space, repeat from * 4 more times and last petal ss to first sc. Fasten off invisibly.


 primrose crochet shart



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