Industry news: Knitting ad Stitching show in Dublin 2016

Posted by Ann Petrov on

So this year it seems that Knitting and stitching show has gone even bigger and better. 

There is so many offers, workshops and traders that it seems impossible to stay away.

So what it is? It is annual crfat show where:

- Over 200 exhibitors selling specialist crafting supplies
- 18 carefully curated textile galleries - including lots of home-grown Irish artists
- A range workshops covering a range of textile crafts
- Free demonstrations and interactive features

It is held in RDS in Dublin from 20th of October to 24th of October.

If we talk about the show then main focus would be in workshops!! I mean they cover everything, from papercraft to microwave bowls. From learning to crochet to higher end quilting. It covers everything.

And teachers would be various from Uk to Ireland, from Amsterdam to United States. 

Tickets starting from €14 for day ticket for adult and goes upwards from there with loads of different option to choose from. Workshops start from €10 and again there is many otpions of class size and class you would like attend. 


I am really struggelig to get good quality Merino wool for my designs from Irelnad and England, so I am absolutely excited to go and see can I find my solution in there. Bring on Friend, attend in workshop and see what could come out from your winter!

Ticket are in sale NOW!

Chat You soon!



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