Instagram Inspirations: Part 1

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So I haven't really posted lately as I have been busy, with markets, orders, custom made items, sick kids, sick myself etc etc.. But I am back!

To my full crazy life in past six weeks I have had my inspiration coming from Instagram... Thank you lady's you have kept me going! And there is so many of you!! 

As I am heading to my holidays today, and I really should be packing, cleaning, sorting.. I decided I will give shout out this week to few of those amazing crafters (You are on my christmas list to get presents off you by the way ;) ) So lets get cracking!

1.) Iutta Klimova from Crochet K

Her page is beautifully crafted Crochet items for Women, Kids and Home (same category what I have). Her dresses are so beautiful and clean, colours well picked. The work is neat!! It is masterpiece at its best!

2.) Mammu Tekid

Absolutely stunning baby blankets from Estonia! (thats where I am from) I got onto her instagram page and was absolutely mesmerised. The details are so beautiful, hand crochet and so well detailed down to the finishing touch on sateen bows. On her page you can follow the creation from the first stitch to end result. You can also follow her FB page:

3.)Jewellry by Nika Viltis

I am not jewellry maker, but looking her beautiful creation, I want to try my hand on it! This Ukrainian jewelry designer makes absolutely beautiful creations, designs. They are delicate, feminine and different. She plays around with colours and techniques. Love love love her work and page.

4.) Versaille Royalty

Woman of my own heart! Not only she makes beautiful jewellery out of glass, gemstones and beads BUT she also knits, crochets and tatts her jewellry. I do it and I absolutely love to see other creations like mine, she has inspired me to try to make few crochet earrings and learn to tatt. She also has facebook page what you could check out as well! (Link in her Bio)

5.) Niree Noel

I love her feed! I think I have little girl crush for her page.. I love finding new post from her on my feed. So basically she is your knitwear designer from Brooklyn. Her feed is excellent way how you should do your craft feed for success! Her knits are immaculate and have inspired me in many ways. AND she is absolute tote!

6.) Terts Design

Another handcraft designer from Estonia. She makes knit and felt items. Why I looooove love love her page is that I find her felt stuff just pure class. I have never learned to felt (maybe next years pocket list) and i find it as a pure skill to make pictures or ornaments or even mittens out of it! Wow! Plus I give her hands up doing it all while taking care of her four kids.. Seriously! I struggle with the two here... Shame on me!

7.) Wendy Smith and Phoenix Smiles

I stumbled on her page and I haven't get over it yet. I say her name as she makes the most stunning crochet blankets. I want to make one!! I have started many times and never really got to finish it. So she really has inspired me to pick it up again and finish it. But on mean time I think I mite get one to keep my inspiration up to finish mine. If you are looking to get beautiful Christmas present to someone you love, check out her shop in Etsy!

8.) Mish Burgess (last but not least)

So she is stunning and talented australian knitwear designer, who I have not only house envy also her press with all the cozy blankets and scarves. I am the women who is always cold, would turn on the heating during the summer and MUST have blanket near by. Her life seems to fit to mine... :D You know what I mean! Her designs are amazing, she is like Niree from Nires_Knits, always making something new and it really has kept me going to create and make craft myself..

So this is my first lot...but I have many many more. I love instagram! I love connecting people like me, designers, crafters, mums, entrepreneurs... I find inspiring account daily, so this is only part 1. I would have really liked to put more in here BUT I really need to go, pack and clean up the filth my kids have done... They have literally pulled every toy out of their box in toy room while I was typing this....


Save me! :D :D  


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  • Thank you Ann for featuring Phoenix Smiles on your blog.

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