Lets talk about me! Part 1

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"Look there is mistake here! Rip it up!"

It was eight rows down... and six year old me felt rather defeated.

But I was stubborn even then, I ripped it with my clenched teeth and started again. 

That's my first memory or knitting. My grandmother was very good and keen in handcrafting. We all were thought in very young age. This is my memory of learning to knit, but I can't remember when did I exactly learned to crochet or cross stitch, they could be even earlier than knitting. 

I grew up in Saaremaa, Sorve peninsula. Place what was wild and scenic. During the summer it attracted a lot of tourists but winters were wild and stormy. Sometimes I laugh at my partner when he sends kids in from outside as "it is too cold and windy".. Ou dear, you haven't seen the wind yet! But because of the wilderness of where we were it did made winters long and dark.


So crafting has always been a part of my life. 

My mum have her sewing machine, It is the one with muscle power, something what they don't do anymore. It is big box in the corner, has paddle at the bottom what you have to work with one of your foot to get the machine going. I was so drawn to it, but was never allowed to touch! I think first time I was allowed to use it, I must have been ten, and making pillowcase for school. I still remember her looking over my shoulder, making sure that I won't losing my fingers or breaking machine.. She still has it, and it is in perfect condition. 

And then came the day when my dad gave me my own sewing machine.. It was old-old-old and had to be spinned around with the hand. It looked like one of the first Singers, but because I grew up on Soviet Union time in Estonia, I would say it was very good russian Singer type machine. I still remember the smell of oil from it and how pretty it was. It didn't work for too long after, I don't even know where has it gone now.

I guess my biggest inspiration for crafting has come from my grandmother. She visit us often or we were sent down to hers. I remember her always making something, and how neat her work would look like. Even now when sometimes I make something -- what ever it is -- and it's not perfect I think back to her and say: "she wouldn't like it!"

I can hear her saying "Rip it up Ann! Rip it up!"

Photo: Ainar Unus Photography


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