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Since Pinterest launched an app, it has been my first number one place to look for ANYTHING!

And more less everything is covered in there.

On my personal pinterest, what I have had years now its hopping, I think I have more pins there than I can actually work on my lifetime. So having Pinterest account for CHD was on cards on first day I opened my first shop.

So How to use it! Well you don't necessarily need account but it will help to save and keep the pins you like. After you have made account pinterest will give you suggestions what would you like to the system can start to give you ideas. From then on you can explore the hole new world or works, diy, photography, recipes and blogs.. Also in few pins and regions you can purchase the product straight from pinterest. Unfortunately in Europe we still don't have that option and hopefully we will get that soon.

Now if you check out CHD's Pinterest you can see all my products, my blogs (including this) and videos and many many more. There is also few ideas what I have thought that they would be excellent makes. My christmas board has many rather cool pins in it and I keep adding to it now getting closer and closer to the christmas.

Also my Diy home board has some cute and easy stuff to make. Lot of them involve mason jars, as you always have few in your cupboards and they are rather cute to use up.

Easy Craft board is where I add cool bits what might take only few minutes and don't need too much of the crafty skill. Check that out!

Halloween! I'm not a fan but my daughter loves that season, so for her happiness I make effort. This year is first year I will be home for it and she has chance to go for trick and treating.. So we MUST decorate the house!

So that's me in my pinterest right now. Follow me and you will see exactly whats up, whats new and what's tickles my fingers and inspirations.

Chat you soon




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