Attractive first part of the 2017.. and it's all about you!

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Cozy Handmade Designs is handmade fashion-knitwear to everyone and every home. It is handmade by me, Ann.. Designer and dreamer, loving mother and partner. I am working from home and hope one day to grow out of it and move into studio where you could call over for cuppa.

Well you can actually call over for cuppa now as well, just its bit of a jungle here..

It has been very busy start of the year.. I have seen lows and highs but mostly highs. Met many great people and I can see a another great three quarters ahead. 

So what's my secret? It's my customers. 

Start of the year I decided to go back to my basics. Make simple cozy stuff and add my own hand mark to it. I started to buy fresh flowers to my home and corporate them to my pictures as who I am: Feminine and delicate but still strong and powerful. My designs are full of flowers and love as this is why am I doing this.

The day sketched up Spring Summer 2017 collection, I added my love of flower to each and one of the deigns. That's the one thing what will tie them all together. I love the colours to be bright and eyecatch thing like contagious smile. Because summer is all about beauty, warmth and softness. Like perfect smile.. like perfect flower.. And like in the spring summer trend this season coming is all about flowers, bold colours and same time softness on textures.

"You Add value to people, when you value them" -john maxwell-

Let's grow bigger!!

I also decided that if I want to grow as I am, I definetly need help and seeking it currently.. I have discovered so many new things in myself and my homemade handmade business. And how I can make it more enjoyable for me and less stressful to ease through it. Get my dream to make you the one who loves it as much as I do. Make you to feel and wear the beauty what I see in my talent and in Cozy Handmade Designs. So if I eliminate my stressful points and give you the time and attention you need.. It is win win situation.. RIGHT?

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring friends along" -Walt Disney-

I absolutely adore what I do! It's the magic of creating beauty with talent I have heritage from my mum. My returning customers who are my best compliment to my work. It like magic Pandora box I open each time I have customer requesting custom order, or pull out wool out of my bottomless wool boxes... 

 So I can see where I am coming from and I can see where am I going to.. And I invite you to come to this crazy magic ride with me.. Please do! Hit the subscribe button and let's have some FUN!!

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