Quick Helpful tip: how to get knitting supplies to fracture of the price

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Knitting is great way to spend time and create beautiful handmade pieces for yourself or family.

But getting quality yarn, needles and other bits can be costly.

I have been knitting for a past seven years and I still remember when I started. You really don’t know what or where..

So FIRST You can pick up inexpensive acrylic or polyester wool from most of the pound shops (dollar shops in America). Acrylic wool is excellent! As it is warm, it is in expensive and comes in great variety in colours. I still use acrylic wool when I am making my designs samples. Or for my own kids some cardigans for home. Acrylic wool as well is machine washable and because it is not very natural fibre it doesn’t absorb in that much of dirt or stain. So for kids garden mittens, scarfs and hats it is great wool to make quick knits.

For SECOND great place is world wide web! There are places like Ebay, Ice Yarns and AliExpress who sells wool in bulk. They have quality wool and you can get 6-10 balls of wool at once. Of course if you are only making baby hats for one, you really don’t need 6 balls a same colour. Then you could get a nice decent balls of wool from Deramores, CraftersBasket, Woolshop etc etc. There is many! My personal favourite has been Deramores as their range is excellent, service is brilliant and delivery is quick! And if you sign up with their newsletter you will get discount code with every order plus notice when certain ranges or patterns are in order. They deliver worldwide with a great charge. For Ireland if the order is over €50 it would be free delivery and believe me… its not hard to get it up to €50 for me!

And THIRD and my new favourite place to shop for supplies and yarn is CHARITY SHOPS! Yes, charity shops! I’m not great shopper, I have very little patience, but I do enjoy charity shops. It does need work tho! Saying it you might be rewarded with silk-merino wool jumper where there could be around €60 worth of wool for €5. Yes you need to unravel it and spin it but that is only passing time on front of telly.. like knitting! In Estonia you can get all sorts of knitting needles, crochet hooks and etc etc, for fracture of price or to top of your purchase. I have found books and patterns, fabrics and wool, magazines etc. It’s exciting and definitely rewarding. Helps environment and helps a good cause as well.

And FOURTH is local wool and crafts shops. There is always end of line wool, or patterns. Colours what are discontinued. Lot of local shops offer loyalty program where you could sign up for collecting points or getting certain percentage off for your goods. Local shops would be another way to support your local trade. Most of the craft shop would hold as well knitting classes, so joining them would give you a new circle of group of people to interact, change patterns and wool.

I have used all of these and I still do! I wish you happy shopping and let me know how you get on!



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