Quick helpful tip: Where do I get cheap patterns?

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Patterns can be rather expensive to buy, so as books.. 

I have got both over the years and have fantastic collection, I haven't used them that much tho! They give me inspiration and definitely are one of my favourite books in the house.

But I didn't bought my first book when I started to knit.. no! I will give you quick guide where and what is available for lot cheaper price.

1.) Magazines!

Thats how I started.. I went into bookstore and spotted Let's Knit! magazine. It was around €6 I think and had extra bits with it. I took it home and knit each pattern out of it.. I think I mite have around four years of collection of those magazines now. I still look for ideas ine them..

2.) Hand me downs..

My mother-in-law is rather sourceful if it comes to this. Her mother-in-law was great crafter and so as her cousins, so all my vintage patterns are from her. As well last time I was home I stumbled across pattern of my own grandmother from 1930's. Considered that WWII wiped Estonia it seems like pure treasure to have them and in spectacular condition.

3.) Charity shops!

There is always someone who won't knit any more or has bookes what seems like waste. So charity shop can be very sourceful place if you know what and where to look!


Pinterest and raverly has free patterns for nearly anything! There isn't a day when I'm not tapping into each site to see is there anything new. They are easy to find and great with tutorials!

So yes these are my four favourite places to get inspiration.. 

Let me know where do you get your patterns and what have you got!

Chat you soon!



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