This is my ultimate willpower to get my Social Media Diploma

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This week I got my Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I only started my journey in social media last year, and haven't heard end of it how I spend too much time on it. Sure I remember the time my phone went to insurance to get it fixed and I nearly freaked out over it. So I have learned a lot from past year..

I mean A LOT!

It is taking a lot of time, and love, but i guess you wouldn't have it any other way? right? Yes. So if you are bit like me then read what/how/who I used and why to get bit more push to be seen and heard, and to meet you my dear.


probably the hardest and most expensive. I have been in facebook for good five years and it is on off success. I am actually taking on social marketing course to really start to understand it better. Problem with facebook is the there is always changes in algorithms and updates so soon you get use to with one thing there is most likely new solutions what you now need to learn about then.. and it seems to vicious circle. But sure who would have thought ten years ago that we will walk around little computer in our pockets as well.. RIGHT?

In Facebook I also sell lot in Free Buy and Sell.. did I aid its time consuming?? hey its lot of fun too.

My facebook page is here:


probably my favourite one and the one I am most comfortable with. I took @instawithalex course and seen huge difference in my engagement in shop but also my instagram page. Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get basics in it. I can connect with other crafters and customers all over the world. Its absolutely my kind of "turf" to be in. In May my instagram would have been up for a year and my big hope would be to have 2000 followers by then.. I'm not too far.. only 700 more to go ;)

Why is it great, because I sell products and one beautiful picture of my beautiful product can talk more than thousand words. Also you can connect your store to your home age by link for easy access.

 Check out my Instagram here:


Its harder but I am getting hang of it, its again totally different than any other social media platform. Again started in May and with help of crowdfire app i have got to certain level. hope to get into course this year to clarify how exactly. this year first time I have started to engage with my followers and get into tweet-convos, what has become a great sport and satisfaction for me, and thanks for that I see results of having visitors coming from twitter to my shop and send significant time on my page.

So follow me on twitter:


So this is something what I need to hack on.. If anyone has any great advice how to start off, please leva it to comments. Its all very welcome. 

Follow me in pinterest:


So thats it, Thats the way you can see and meet me in all over internet. Like I said Ispend lot of time in my accounts. I am going to start advanced Diploma in social media, as its lovely to meet and engage with my customers, you. And it is moving on so quick in social media that if you wait for too long the train is gone. Anyways, chat you soon!

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