Beginners Crochet: How to crochet Flared Rose

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This simple and very easy flared rose pattern is perfect way to learn to crochet. It is made out of two type of stitches and finished flower is 3 dimensional.  It is common flower to use for hats, cushions, hair bands or even crochet wedding bouquets.

Roses are well known flowers all over the world. They come in every shape and size and colour you can imagine, Rose is also very iconic flower and have many symbolising significans to play in.

Flared flower crochet pattern for beginners

This pattern can be adjusted to your own needs. You can make it bigger by making longer chain on foundation row, or smaller by making shorter row. Also check out the chart and video below the method.

YOU NEED: (or I used) 

  • 4ply bamboo cotton wool
  • 2.5 mm crochet hook
  • darning needle


Foundation row: chain 48 

Row 1: Miss 4 chain (ch) and make 1 triple (trp) crochet to each 43 ch, last ch make 1 double (dbl) crochet and ch 3, turn work around.

Row2: make 3 trp crochet to each 43 trp crochets, fasten off with long string.

Making up: Threat the yarn through needle, fold the edge down to foundation row and stitch it on. Now roll the flower up around your finger and stitch along the bottom foundation row. Secure neatly.


Flared rose crochet chart for beginners


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