Beginners Crochet: How to crochet Scabious Flowers?

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Super easy but with great detailed flower tutorial, you can make them in two colour toned and it will only take you few minuted. Beginner or more advanced crocheter, it would be excellent flower to use on any decorative items, also in hairbands, clothes and other accessories as it great flat flower.

The common name 'scabious' comes from the herb's traditional usage as a folk medicine to treat scabies, an illness that causes a severe itching sensation. The flower is part of honeysuckle family, species and varieties differ in the colours of their flowers, but most are soft lavender blue, lilac or creamy white.

Scabious crochet flower tutorial

This simple flower is made usually in two contrast colours. Heart in lighter tone and stronger tone for second round of petals. This flower also has different technique used, so you can watch the video below for further instructions.


  • DK wool
  • 3mm or 3,5 mm crochet hook


Row 1: Make a slip or magic ring and chain (ch) 4 (counts as first double crochet), then make 15 double crochet (dbl) into the ring, slip stitch (ss) to top of the third ch

Row 2: *ch 3 and ss to the first dbl through front of the ch (check the video), repeat from * until you have done the round around. If you make it in two colours then fasten off now to add second colour for next round.

Row 3: Work behind the row 2, *ch 4 and ss to the back of the loop on dbl crochet, repeat from the * until you have gone around. Fasten off invisibly.


Row 1&2:

Scabious flower crochet chart

Row 3: 



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