Beginners Crochet: Simple Tradescantia flower tutorial

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This flower literally takes four minutes to make one and you can make it in any colour you like. Its very simple and super easy flower. Its easy crochet flower to make as beginner crocheter.

Tradescantia itself has 75 different species and is common plant for New World.They were introduced to europe as ornamental plants on 17th Century and now grow various parts of the world. Plants are usually found in individually or clumps. Interesting fact about this plant is that they are used as bioindicators for the detection of environmental mutagens. (info by wikipedia)

tradescantioa crochet flower pattern with video tutorial


This flower is usually made in two colours. Yellow for heart and purples blues for petals


  • 4ply wool in two colours
  • 2,5 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors


Row 1: chain (ch) 4 and slip stitch (ss) to first chain.

Row 2: ch 2, single crochet (sc) into the ring, ch 2, sc into the ring, ch 2, ss to first chain. fasten off and change your colour

Row 3: *ch 4 and make 3 triple (trp) cluster, ch 4 and make sc to first ch space, ch 4 and ss to sc row below*, repeat from * twice more, fasten off invisibly.


how to crochet tradescentia flower



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