Crochet Tutorial: how to crochet wild rose flower

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I wasn't really sue about this flower but I kept at it, and did end u getting hang of it. It is bit too fidely, but I think you should really use good quality yarn for this. My pink 100% cotton bamboo was definitely suitable for this flower.

Wild Rose, or Rose canina, is actually a shrub push, widely common in Eurasia and Northern America. It can grow as high as 5 meters. The plants fruit is full of antioxidants and vitamin c. Fruit is also used to make tea, jam and syrups. Wild rose is national symbol for Romania.

Wild rose flower crochet tutorial

So as I said, I wasn't sure about this flower. Also the chart shows to fasten off each time when you finish the petal but i just slip stitched back down to the heart. Also you could add the stems to your heart by  cutting extra heart colour wool and pull the to the front, knot it, bring it back to behind the work, knot it and keep going like that. The chart has the petals crochet individually while fastening off each time, while method hasn't. so please follow the video to see how method has been done.


  • DK wool
  • 3 or 3.5mm wool
  • needle and scissors


Row 1: make a slip or magic ring, pick up and chain (ch) 2, then make 9 single crochet (sc) into the ring, pull from another end to close the ring and slip stitch (ss) into top of the ch 2

Row 2: ch 1, then next space make 2 half double (hdbl) crochet, * next space make 1 sc and next sp 2 hdbl, repeat from * until you are back at ch 1 space, ss around it. 

Row 3 (petals):  *ch 1, make 1 sc to next two spaces, turn your work; ch 1, make 1 sc to next two sc below, turn your work; ch4, make 1 double triple (dbl trp) to the same sc space, also make 1 triple (trp) to same sc space, make 1 dble to next sc space, then make 1 trp 1 dble trp and 1 trp to the ch 1 space; ss down on the side to the heart, ss to next space. thats first petal made, repeat from the * four more times.


wild rose crochet pattern tutorial for free




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