Crochet Tutorial: Quick and easy Apple Blossom

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Super easy and very quick tutorial how to crochet beautiful apple blossoms. They are very summery flowers and has great 3D effect. It is definitely good as beginners crochet flower.

We all know what are apple blossoms and where do they grow on, but did you knew that apples are actually family of rose. Also that Apple trees originated from Asia, then they spread to europe and to america they were brought in during the colonisation from Europe. 


apple blossom crochet tutorial with free patern

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Ther're pretty small flowers only take about 6 minutes to make, they have curled edges what gives them a little cup feel. You could use any thickness of the wool, just use the size 1 smaller crochet to get better looking flower. 


  • DK wool or any wool
  • 3mm hook
  • needle and scissors


Row 1: make a slip or magic ring, pick up thread and chain (ch) 2, then make 9 single crochets into the ring, slip stitch (ss) to ch 2 space

Row 2: ch1, next space * make 1 triple (trp) 2 double triple (dbl trp) and 1 trp, then ss to next space, repeat from * until you are back to ch 1 from very start, ss into it and fasten off invisibly.


APLLE blossom crochet flower tutorial and free pattern



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