How to crochet beautiful Hellebore flowers

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Hellebore flower is perfect starting flower for beginner crocheter. It uses all basic stitches and takes short time to make. It has beautiful distinctive five leaf head and gives beautiful finish on whatever you are making. 

Hellebore flower is evergreen Eurasian flower grown in our garden, There is 20 different species but they all have common in similar flower petals. Hellebore flower comes in many different colours, what makes it gardeners favorite.

Hellebore crochet flower tutorial

Hellebore flowers in book is made in three colours: heart in yellow with orange circle for petals and green  coloured petals. I made my flowers all in same colour pink as I am going to use them on the SS18 dress designs, but you can use any colours you like to fit your creation.

Pattern comes as follows and if you scroll lower then I also have chart of the flower what could be easier to follow by more visual crafters.

YOU NEED: (Or I used)

  • 4ply 100% Bamboo wool but any yarn/wool is ok. Thicker wool needs bigger crochet hook and also makes bigger flowers.
  • 2.5 mm crochet hook


Centre: Using A, make 5 chain (ch), join with slip stitch (ss) into a ring

1st round: 3ch, 2 stitch (st) double (dbl) cluster, 2 ch, *3 sts dbl cluster and 2 ch* repeat from the * another 3 times, ss into top of the fist cluster (5 clusters total)

2nd round: *5 single crochets (sc) into 2 ch space* repeat from the * another 4 times, ss to first SC 

3rd round*ss in next sc, 3 ch, 2 triple (tr) crochet on each 3 sc, 3 ch, ss to 5th sc*, repeat from the * another 4 times until you have 5 petals, ss to first ss. Fasten off invisibly.

Hellebore flower crochet pattern chart


There is few pattern books for flowers I would recommend to invest to as it is one thing what would you always use again and again.

Watch tutorial video here:


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