How to crochet easy Buttercup flower

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Crochet buttercup flowers are very delicate small flowers and very easy and quick to make. Probably one of the first flowers I ever made were buttercups. They are also very great flowers to be thought to kids. They are very simple but effective flower to make for any designs, from headbands to decorate cushions.

Buttercup more official name is Ranunculus and comes in 600 different species. Buttercup usually flowers during the spring but can be also be still flower during the summer. Buttercup is considered weed type of flower. 

crochet buttercup pattern tutorial


  • 4ply wool, you could use two different colours: one for hearst and second for petals
  • 3mm crochet hook


Make: 4 chain (ch), join with slip stitch (ss) into a ring

1st round: 1ch, 5 single crochets (sc) into ring, ss to ch space.

2nd round: 1ch, 2 half double crochets (hdbl) into first sc, 3 hdbl into each of next 4 sc, ss into ch space

3rd round: *2 ch, 2 double (dbl) decreasing (dec) crochet to next 2 hdbl, 2 ch and ss to next hdbl*, repeat from the * another 4 times, ending with ss to bottom row ss. Fasten off invisibly.


How to crochet buttercup crochet flower tutorial



I always recommend to get few books for yourself as stables. Yes, as internet has gone more popular with easy access to patterns and blogs, but it also can get very overwhelming. I use lot of this book and I also say that it has been best money spent.

If method was bit confusing, then check out the video tutorial from below:


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