Quick and easy Crochet Tutorial: How to crochet Pelargonium flowers

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It is really quick and easy tutorial, just make sure you have good quality yarn and great control over your crochet. It makes beautiful five petal flowers what are perfect as decorative for your textiles.

What kind of flowers is Pelargonium? Garden flower! And very pretty and common one. Flowers are usually in clusters, it has five petals in a one flower pud and they come in many variety of colours.

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easy Crochet pelargonium flower tutorial

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It definitely is not my stronger flower, I am nearly sure that my 100% bamboo cotton failed me as well, or at least didn't help. Make few of these to make sure you get hang of it, the end result is really pretty indeed. In this flower you make petals first and then connect them to the heart. 


  • 4 ply wool
  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • needle and scissors


Petals: *Chain (ch) 6, then make 3 triple (trp) crochet to the 5th ch from the hook, ch 6 and slip stitch to next ch space after 3 trps (6th ch from the hook on first chain). Repeat from the * until you have 5 petals.

Heart: Flip your work around, now ss to first petal at the bottom, same space as the first ss, ss to next 4 petals, fasten off invisibly.


easy crochet pelargonium flower tutorial



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