Chocolate brown Men beanie hat Medium in size

  • €25.00

Absolutely beautiful crochet hat, The texture of the hat is stunning and very eyectaching. Made out of acrylic wool it's not very itchy and is super easy care. 

Its works on any age group of men. It design will suit to everyone, Its perfect hat as a gift for any occasion: christmas, father's day or valetnine's day.

It is only one of the kind made as part of the challenge I have taken on, so there wouldn't be other like this. The colour is very subtle and calm, doesn't matter whats your skin tone, It will compliment it. Perfect accessories for this winter and many to come as it is rather classical snug look. 

365 Hats by Cozy Handmade Designs 2017 is a challenge I took on to make a hat a day for 2017. I have loads of yarn what are hand-me-downs or left from projects over the years or have been just bought because i just loved to spend  money on wool.. I know! I am Woolaholic. So each hat is genuine one piece at the time, each hat is different and made in a day.