My little Pony Hat with earflaps - Pinky Pie

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Do you also have also My Little Pony fan at Home? I do! And my little fan wanted to get the full collection of beautiful hats for her birthday.. so I made it. 

And now I am offering to you also if you have a little girl who is mad of these adorable pony's then this hat could make her day.

Its made out of acrylic wool, decorated to the detail with the characteristics for the pony. It comes in two sizes 

2-4 years and 4-8 years

It has crochet eyes, main and ears. the hats weight would be in the top of the head. Also main is moving around. Pinky pie has sky blue eyes and cerise pink main with pink skin.

Pinky Pie would be the happiest pony in Ponyville, she likes to play, party and joke. She is hardly ever stressed or sad. She definitely has some sixth sense how to cheer up her friends.She is very sociable and she is definitely with the best musical talented from sixth of them. She represents the element of laughter from the element of harmony. Her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie

It is absolutely fab hat and the quality of this hat will go for many years to come.